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Dozens of schools across the country have already realized the value of using our educational products in the classroom. The mark-my-time digital bookmark, for example, has effectively been used to help students track reading time in school and to assist teachers in evaluating student reading fluency. Discounts are available for bulk orders. If you are interested in ordering mark-by-time digital bookmarks for use in your classrooms, contact us at

“Among my biggest challenges has been trying to get my students to read for at least fifteen minutes when they are done with homework or waiting for recess to start. Everyday, they are assigned to read at least 30 minutes at home, which is quite taxing on their rather limited focusing skills. Recently, I discovered that giving them a timer really increases their motivation. I've been using kitchen timers to share however, upon coming across your product, Mark-My-Time, I think my students will become even more motivated and less distracted.”

—Marivic Mapa
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