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Mark-My-Time™ 3D Digital Booklight

Mark-My-Time™ 3D Digital Booklight
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For a Special Reader—the new Mark-My-Time "FLIP" 3D Booklight or "Motion" 3D Booklight!

The new 3D booklight features a bright 3 LED light on an adjustable arm, an integrated clip to attach the booklight to the pages of your favorite book, and collectible 3D artwork that "FLIPS" between two hi resolution 3D pictures or "Moves through space" coming right toward you!!

Choose from FLIP-Sharks and Coral Reef, Snow Wolf and Jungle Tiger or Clown Fish and Butterflies or MOTION-Smiley Face Emoji, Tie-Dye Peace Signs, Hearts or the Matrix. All these fun fashion 3D features, plus the homework help timing functions of the original digital bookmark — a cumulative timer that records and stores up to 100 hours, a 60-second fluency timer, and a countdown session timer that alarms when you are finished and even turns off the light.

Take the work out of reading homework logs for your child and send them on nightly reading adventures!

AGES 5 AND UP | Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 2"

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Protected by Bookmark Patent Number: 7,260,025, issued August 21, 2007
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