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Online Fundraising

Request a fundraising promotion code unique to your school. Promote community involvement by allowing parents, friends, neighbors and relatives to order, pay and receive mark-my-time bookmarks in their own homes while your school receives 20% of every purchase. This can be set for a specific time period, by semester or for the full year. Checks are issued to the school from our office on January 15 and May 15 for the semester programs.

Contact an educational sales representative at mark-my-time and supply your school name and address, fundraising coordinator name and phone number and your school district name. We will supply you with a unique fundraising code and sample letters for distribution to your families. Codes are activated within 48 hours of issue.

You may choose to combine these two programs for best coverage! Many times parents turn in orders late or realize they want to purchase a bookmark after they have seen other students using them. For the most complete fundraising option, consider having the on-campus sale and ALSO request an online code that can be used for the remainder of the semester to catch any late purchasers. All products in our product line may be included in the fundraising programs.

“My students are excitedly using their new timers already. It’s amazing how motivated they can be by just using the timer countdown function, plus it helps me to keep them on task."

—John Blake, M.Ed. Woodlake Elementary School
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