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Awards & Reviews

Mark-my-time has received rave reviews from kids, parents, teachers, mom bloggers and award review panels. Described as "ingenious", "the perfect tool" and "inspiring my child to read often", mark-my-time resonates with parents and kids alike. Winner of over 20 national awards for excellence our products have a proven track record of durability, functionality and appeal. On the side bar you will find snippets and a detailed list of our awards.

“This has been such a helpful tool for her because she used to stop reading, pull herself out of the story, just to come and ask me how much longer she had to read, every five minutes! Now she doesn’t need to. This has been an extremely helpful tool in her schooling. I recommend it to everyone and it would make a great stocking stuffer for all the kids on your list!”

—Jennifer, The Dirty t-shirt blogger
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